How Social Media Marketing Can Hurt Your Business

I heard a marketing plug for a particular retail business on the radio. The ad mentioned that you can check out their business on Facebook and on Twitter. I was intrigued and stopped by the business after work. When I got there, the overall look of the store was less than appealing, the staff was not helpful and customer service was almost nonexistent. I walked out thinking I would never go back.

Since that experience I’ve decided that:

  1. “Traditional marketing” is still effective when done properly
    1. This includes radio, TV, print and promotional offers.
  2. No marketing or branding campaigns can overcome poor customer service, cluttered stores or unappealing business environment.
    1. Driving customers to your business can actually hurt you, if you’re not ready to handle them.
  3. Social media marketing may not be the best place for business owners to spend their time  
    1. Maybe some owners need to get off the computer, out of the office and go work on their actual business.

You’ll find millions of articles on how to use social media marketing to generate sales. The challenge is that this type of marketing can be a never-ending time sucker. Technology is great, but if basic business practices (a product/service people want, clear appealing location, friendly staff, etc) aren’t happening no amount of marketing, social media or otherwise, is helping your business.


3 thoughts on “How Social Media Marketing Can Hurt Your Business

    1. That’s a great question. I haven’t commented about the negative experience with them. I’ll add a comment and see if they post it.

  1. In my experience, as small as it is, I’ve noticed a few, unwritten rules of engagement for blogs and comment sections as it relates to the negative stuff:
    1. Allow for auto-updating (no screening before a post is allowed)
    2. No editing unless it’s illegal, crude, racist, sexist, or really bad
    3. Watch your brand like a hawk
    4. Address negative remarks in the same medium it was given (see the Dominos example below)
    5. Reach out directly, when possible, to solve the problem with the individual



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