If it doesn’t work for Coke… it probably won’t work for your business

The first time I drank a Coca-cola soft drink my mom warned me that I’d get addicted to the stuff. Well, it didn’t happen, I continued to be a root beer kid. Years later I hear people on a daily basis talk about how bad they need a Coke. Obviously there are a lot of people who believe they’re addicted to Coke. Despite a plethora of loyal drinkers, the Coca-Cola Company continues to be one of the most active marketing machines in the world.

In both my personal and professional interactions with small businesses, I hear business owners say “If I can just get them in the door the first time, they’ll keep coming back.” One restaurant owner told me “once we get our talons into them (customers), they never go anywhere else.” It’s Interesting that so many small business owners have this mentality, while companies like Coke spend so much time and money to keep customers.

In today’s world where information flows freely, consumers are constantly being tempted to change their buying behaviors. It’s not enough to have great food, great products or the best customer service. Small businesses must continually seek to communicate with customers, both existing and potentially new customers. Take a page out of Coke’s book… find ways to market your business. Find ways to communicate with consumers on a frequent basis. Find ways to earn customer loyalty and don’t just assume they’ll come back; make it happen.