Your Daily Deals Rocked… Now What?

I get daily deal emails from more than half a dozen sources every day. For many restaurants and retailers this is a simply concept to execute to potentially drive a lot of traffic. That’s great; you got me in the door the first time with that juicy, aggressive offer. Now what?

First, customers using the daily deal better be impressive me with your service, quality, atmosphere, etc. If you deeply discounted to get me in the door you better make sure I have a worthwhile experience. No deal is good enough to overcome poor service or poor quality (or both).

Next, treat me like a full price customer. Be happy I’m redeeming the deal, don’t look down on it (and train employees to do the same). I redeemed a daily deal coupon at a sporting goods store recently. When I handed it to the guy behind the counter, he sighed loudly, then turned to his boss and said “Here’s another one,” followed by another sigh. I felt like responding “I’m sorry, did you not want me as a customer?” Again, poor employee attitude and poor customer service will lessen the likelihood of me returning.

Finally, what’s the plan to get me coming back? Daily deals should be a part of a larger marketing strategy if you expect me to come back anytime soon.

I’m interested to hear about business owners’ experiences from using daily deals as a marketing strategy, especially since there is some much buzz surrounding the concept.