If Life is like a Box of Chocolate, what is Loyalty like?

I watched my son eating a Popsicle the other day. The Popsicle was completely frozen when he started licking it, but before long it became apparent that he was in a race, a race to see who would win, him or the sun. He was taking his sweet time tasting the Popsicle, while the sun was rapidly doing its part to melt the once frozen treat. Before long the sun won; the Popsicle had disappeared with far more ending up melted on the sidewalk than in my son’s mouth.
Customer loyalty is like that Popsicle. Do nothing and it with melt away. Do very little at it will melt faster than you realize it. Loyalty in general requires constant effort whether from your customers or your employees. Once you get that customer in the door, don’t just assume they’ll come back. You better have a plan of attack and act with speed and swiftness if you expect any loyalty at all.


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