Virtual Loyalty

Virtual Loyalty

Recently I received a gift card from a client in Atlanta (a big thanks to Randy at Firethorn). The gift card wasn’t a piece of plastic, but an electronic gift card. The card I received can be redeemed simply by showing your Smartphone at point-of-sale, based on the business I select to redeem it at. Currently the app, call SWAGG™ (, has several businesses to choose from. However, the app is only available on Apple and Android devices. This is one more occurrence making me question why I’m sticking with Blackberry. I’ve been a Blackberry user for years, first with the Curve and these past couple years with the Bold 9700, but more and more often I find myself thinking about switching to an Android phone.

Truth is, I have NOT been unhappy with my Blackberry; they’ve been great phones. I’ve virtually been loyal to BB for many years now. It just seems like I’m missing out on something even better!

Do you have tons of virtually loyal customers? People that think you do a good job, provide a good service or product? Tried and true is a solid concept, but only goes so far (ask the railroad companies of the early 1900’s). Are your customers secretly wondering about switching to another business? The question is what have you done lately to “WOW” your customers? Content customers quickly become complacent and consequently lost customers. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking of ways to turn virtual loyalty into true loyalty:

  • Customer appreciation day
    • Balloons and signs saying “Thanks!” go a long way
    • Cookies, candy and popcorn goes even further
  • Special customer loyalty coupon
    • Use your website, Facebook page or Twitter account to send out coupon
    • If you’re not using any of these social media tools, do so ASAP
  • Contests
    • Giveaways
    • Prizes
    • Raffles
  • Employee Recognition Awards
    • Encourage your employees to “make the customer’s day”

The competition is doing everything they can to steal your customers. It’s time to fight back! Give it a try and see what happens. As for me, sorry BB my virtual loyalty is fading; Android and Apple are throwing a party and inviting me to join them.