A Change is Coming

2012 is almost here. For good, bad or indifferent the New Year is upon us; we can’t change that fact. It has been a good year, in my estimation. Sure, 2011 has seen ups and downs. These may have come in the form of victories and accomplishments or trials and obstacles. One way or another, 2011 will soon be in the rear view mirror and with a New Year represents the potential for new challenges and new opportunities.

Change is a part of every season. Both customer and employee loyalty continue to evolve and change. Social Media is having a greater impact on loyalty and marketing than ever before. Many businesses are figuring it out; many more are struggling with what to do.

In 2012, try something different. Not using Facebook to promote your business? Do it. Not Tweeting? Try it? Haven’t held a customer appreciation day? Plan it. Don’t have an employee of the month or similar contest? Start one. Maybe 2012 is the year to boldly go where you’ve never gone before. I encourage you to get creative, I plan to.

May the new year bring prosperous times and joy.


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