It’s ALL About the People

When employees at Access Development were asked what they like most about the company the most common response was “the people”. The company’s YouTube video documents these responses, See it here. As a hiring manager for my own division and tandem interviewer for other teams, I’ve participated in more than 100 interviews over the past five years. We always asking candidates what they like most about past jobs; repeatedly when speaking about jobs they liked, candidates say it was the people that made the job so great. This trend held true in all three interviews I conducted just this week.

People can create a positive environment.   

Interestingly, jobs where people were unhappy it was often due to conflict or stress caused by direct supervisors or co-workers. Actual products and services being sold, income, variety in work activities, company perks and benefits, appear to be secondary for job happiness and satisfaction.   

Recently I took my three boys to a Real Salt Lake Soccer game (Major League Soccer). The game itself was good with RSL winning 1-0 on a penalty kick by Brazilian Paulo Jr. (We’re biased toward Brazilian players since my kids are half Brazilian). So why do I bring this up? The problem was the people behind us were extremely annoying. I don’t mind loud cheering fans. These people were not watching the game and were a distraction throwing things, using curse language and kicking our chair backs. They actual detracted from the experience.   

People can create a negative experience.     

How are the people in your company influencing customer experience? How are people affecting other employees? Are they creating positive experiences? A slick website, creative marketing and catching social media campaigns can all attract customers, but when interaction with employees occur are they building your brand and business image?

If I’m honest, I admit I can do a better job. Maybe look for ways to “make someone’s day” in the office. Perhaps there are customers I can reach out to and provide a higher level of customer service. Our daily interactions with others are powerful. Let’s make the most of each and every interaction!   

People make all the difference.