Elevating Over the Hurdles

The Olympics ended a couple weeks ago, but I have one last Olympic analogy. Hurdles! Watching an athlete leap hurdles with blurring speed, intensity and poise is amazing to see.

In track and field, if you slow down you will lack the speed and energy to launch over the hurdle. If you ignore the hurdle you’ll crash through it (most likely cause personal harm). Attempting to go around it will actually take longer (not to mention disqualify you). Attacking the hurdle head on and swiftly propelling yourself over it is a quicker, more effective way to clear the hurdle and put it behind you.

Marketing, sales and business in general is full of challenges and obstacles to overcome. These challenges are the hurdles that must be overcome to ensure long term success. Often executives, managers and employees fear hurdles; sometimes slowing down and approaching with caution unsure what to do, other times ignoring the existence of hurdles blocking the path ahead, and often attempting to bypass them all together.

Business hurdles can be approached with the same strategy as track and field hurdles. Hurdles and challenges will always be there. The best form of assault is to acknowledge and engage them straight on, soaring over the obstacles and being prepared for the next one. Human nature creates a sense of fear and uncertainty when a problem or hurdle is perceived to be approaching. It takes discipline and training to embrace the challenges.

Success is not easy to achieve, but failure is not an option. The swiftest path to success is to embrace the hurdles, plan for them and elevate over them with ferocious velocity all the while driving towards the finish line.