Get Some Motivation Already

You probably noticed the title of this blog changed; OK, no one noticed but me and I’m the one who changed it. Nonetheless it changed from Branding, Marketing and Loyalty to Marketing & Motivation.


Recently I’ve considered several blog posts, but nothing really concrete. As I’ve noodled different ideas I realize most branding I refer to is a form of marketing. Branding is also an area that I don’t spend much time on professionally. Loyalty and loyalty programs is where I focus a good portion of my work, but loyalty is often a combination of good marketing used to motivate people to demonstrate loyalty. Loyalty and Management are areas I’ll continue to blog about, but will use categories and tags to identify these articles.

The topic of Motivation is something I find fascinating and have quite a few opinions on. My undergraduate degree is in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Sociology. This gives me a certain level of academic expertise!? Mostly, I enjoy watching, studying and observing how people and groups are motivated (or quite often demotivated).

Marketing is also a form of motivation. I like the tie between the two concepts. Marketing is designed to motivate or encourage a desired response – to buy, read, like, watch or do something.

Bottom-line: Keep an eye out for some absolutely mind-blowing, immensely insightful, stunningly amazing blog posts about marketing & motivation… coming soon!



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