A Bucket List for 2013

In business we create BHAG’s and WIGs, that we work towards throughout the year. Making these goals visible and tracking our progress increases our chance for success. At work I have many things I’ll be working towards, but decided to create something similar for my life outside of my day job.

Interactions with others and personal experiences shape who we are. Some of life’s moments are big, others small and simple. So borrowing the concept from Bucket List Publications, I create a list for myself for 2013. This year I have no major travel or vacation plans already in place. In fact, when sharing the 2013 Bucket List with my family, my kids laughed at some of the things I put down. That’s okay. My goal is to create some fun experiences and memories for me, my family and friends. Many of these are things like flying a kite and going to the zoo seem almost silly to place on a list, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I did either one.

Here’s to a great 2013!

DJ’s 2013 Bucket List

  1. Help 3 other people achieve success
  2. 24 Blog Posts
  3. Cut out all soda for 3 months
  4. Get down to 200 lbs
  5. Go Skydiving
  6. Register a domain name
  7. Visit a new place (city, state or country)
  8. Completely finish a room in the basement
  9. Go camping with the family
  10. 2 Getaways with my wife
  11. 1-week family vacation
  12. Go Ice Fishing
  13. Go skiing or snowboarding
  14. Play in a sports league
  15. Take the kids to the zoo
  16. Go horseback riding
  17. Fly kites with the kids
  18. Go hiking in Moab or Zions National Park
  19. Attend Sevens Rugby Tournament in Las Vegas
  20. Attend BYU game with the family
  21. Attend Real Salt Lake game with the family
  22. Actually read (not listen to) 4 books
  23. Do something new

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