Positive Peer Pressure?

If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve jumped off a cliff or two in my younger days. And yes, it was because my friends were jumping off a cliff that I jumped too. Maybe they jumped off because of me. Regardless, we were jumping off a cliff because of peer pressure; now it was cliff jumping into say, Lake Powell, but jumping off a cliff nonetheless.

For decades, maybe more, kids have been warned about the perils of peer pressure. Peer pressure wasn’t always a bunch of the wrong kids doing wrong stuff and getting the good kids in trouble. Often it started with just 1 popular kid. That one kid was a major influence though; somebody that everybody else looked up to and followed. That one kid soon got a second kid and a third and before long a whole group of kids to make stupid decisions.

I don’t recall much talk about peer pressure being potentially positive. (That was a mouthful)

Peer pressure still exists even when we’re long past middle school and high school.

It doesn’t have to be negative though.

Look around your business or office; can you identify the 1 popular kid? Who is a major influence? Hint, it’s rarely upper management! Influencers are usually people working in the proverbial trenches or on the front line. Sometimes they are team leaders or mid-level managers. Once you’ve identified the person, watch; see if their influence is positive or negative.

If the influence is negative – do something about it right now.

Seriously. Stop reading this blog. Turn off the computer. Take action.

If the influence is positive – help out! Give that person more opportunities to interact with and essentially persuade others. One positive person can have an astounding impact on an entire team, company or business.

Successful, motivated employees and top performers prefer to work with similar type individuals. Hopefully your influencers are such people and you can clear the path so they will create positive pressure that inspires others.


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