5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want an All-Star Team

Bigger is not always better
Bigger is not always better

All-Star teams are exciting; gathering the most talent individuals onto a single super team. There will be no holding them back. The team will be unstoppable. The competition will tremble in their presence. People will flock from the world over to marvel at the team’s greatness. Yes, creating an All-Star is an excellent idea… in theory.

Most sports team All-Star games barely pass as a scrimmage and probably resemble horsing-around more than anything. It’s a nice break for players and boosts already sky-high egos. Winning is nice, but rarely is there an urgency to do so.

In America’s Major League Soccer (MLS) a different approach has been taken to the All-Star game. For the past several years the MLS All-Stars play a foreign club team. Earlier this week the All-Star festivities concluded with the All-Stars playing Italian club AS Roma. AS Roma is a decent club that finished in the top half of the Italian Serie A league last season.

So how’d the game turn out? AS Roma dominated with a 3-1 win. The All-Stars only scored in the waning moments of the game. Some people will argue that even the best talent in the US league doesn’t match the average talent in Italy. I disagree. It’s not a league or talent issue; it’s an All-Star issue.

Whether it’s a sports team, your sales team, or the staff at your office attempting to put together an All-Star team might not be the best idea.

Here are 5 reasons why you don’t want an All-Star team:

  1. All-Star teams are not teams at all. They are simply a group of big-name players.  Yes, very talented players, but a bunch talented people does not make it a team. You will always have to balance personalities, strengths and weaknesses, but to have a truly effective group it needs to be a team and managed as a team.
  2. All-Star teams have no role players. You need role players. Not everyone can take the final shot of the game. Every team needs good, solid role players. Role players are crucial to the success of the team’s overall success even if they play a lesser role in achieving team goals. This doesn’t mean role players aren’t valuable. It just means they have a different function on the team.
  3. All-Star teams are not sustainable long-term. When everyone is a super star with super ambitions and desire for recognition, people soon want more. It doesn’t take long before everyone wants to go somewhere else where they can get more recognition, more money, more… whatever.
  4. You’re not the Yankees. Most teams, companies and businesses don’t have unlimited budgets. Paying an entire staff of All-Star players simply costs too much.
  5. All-Stars win games but not championships. Championships are won not by a single spectacular game, but by consistently being the best team over a long period of time. Whatever the proverbial championship is that you’re trying to “win” it will be accomplished by having a great TEAM and not by just having a bunch of All-Stars.

It’s awesome when you find an amazingly talented person to hire. You should only hire that person however if they also contribute to the team culture and chemistry you are working to build. Finding the best team player will pay off far more than just finding the most talented All-Star.


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