3 Tips to Kick Start Your Marketing

Remember when marketing was as simple as a trip to the copy store to make fliers or as complex as a full-blown campaign starting with a call to an ad agency?

Today the tools and resources for marketing cover a much wider spectrum and are vastly available to experienced marketers and novices alike.  The sheer volume of marketing acronyms, terms and mediums are enough to make your head spin.

Marketing terms

Yes, marketing can feel overwhelming, especially social media marketing; it’s the new 800 lb gorilla. Whether you’re a business owner or industry leader you know marketing is important. Now you’re saying, “So where do I start?”

Here are 3 tips to you get started: 

Ask: Why?

Why is marketing a priority at this time? Think about what has transpired prompting you to do more marketing (or some marketing for that matter). Once you understand what’s motivating the decision you can determine the desired results.

No one says “I want to use power tools” and starts driving random holes and sawing wood. You start with an objective or end result in mind, for example “I want a bench.” Then determine what tools will work best to accomplish it.

Don’t start with the kind of marketing, start with the results you’d like to achieve. Knowing the results will help you better evaluate what tools to use.

Warning: If you said “I want more customers” or “I want more money” – try again!  Be more specific.

Start Small

Taking on the entire gamut of marketing tools and practices would be overwhelming, leading to inevitable failure. It’s better to do a couple things exceptionally well than a slew of things poorly. For example, if you settle on social media as a launching point don’t create a Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr account all at once. Always be asking “Which of this will most effectively help me reach my goals?”

Narrow down your list of potential marketing activities to 3 or 4. Then do some research; a ton of information is online including industry articles, blogs, customer reviews and more. Next, find some live people to discuss your marketing choices with. Yes, actual conversations. Inquire about success stories, tip and tricks, failures and things to avoid. Talk to co-workers, talk to similar businesses, and even talk to sales reps. Watch for my future blog article on dealing with sales reps.

Finally, get started by selecting one or two marketing mediums to begin using. Notice I said 1 or 2 – not 3, 4, or 5!

Dedicate Time

Marketing needs to be a habit. Set aside time each week to work on it. It can be 15 minutes a day, an hour every other day or two hours a week. Consistency is key. Choose specific days and times, for example, Tuesday and Thursday from 8-9:30am. Put it on your calendar; make it a weekly task. Dedicate this time 100% to your new marketing efforts. That requires selecting days and times with minimal interruptions.

During this time evaluate what’s working – and improve on it. Determine what’s not working – and find ways to change it. Again, your barometer for successful marketing will be based on its effectiveness in getting you closer to your goals.

Marketing shouldn’t be a guessing game. Although it’s not an exact science it is a science, one that needs to be researched, tested, and retested to achieve optimal results. That takes time!

800 lbs marketing gorillaII

Bonus Tips:

  • Be Patient – Marketing takes time. Time to learn, to take effect, and to perfect.
  • Have Fun – It’s marketing not biochemical engineering.


Enough of the pep talk – Go, get started today!

Marketing shouldn’t be a guessing game. Although it’s not an exact science it is a science.

I’d love to hear from you: What has been one of your most successful marketing campaigns?