A Daily Bucket List

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe past couple of years I’ve created an annual Bucket list, writing down things I’d like to do and accomplish throughout the year. In the next few days I’ll post my 2014 list. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles this was inspirited by Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications. The idea of an annual Bucket List is to accomplish goals each and every year, not leaving everything until the end of your life. In general, a Bucket List is about achieving things before you die so you don’t have any regrets.

Speaking of dying, earlier this week I was driving down the freeway in a typical mid-winter, white-knuckled Utah snowstorm. The hazy fog and icy roads made for treacherous driving conditions. Suddenly without any apparent cause my contact lens slid from the center to the corner of my eye. This created excruciating pain causing my eyes to water, greatly hindering my vision. I could barely see as I attempted to squint through stinging tears and desperately worked to avoid an accident that could result in serious injury to me and others. Finally, and with no small amount of effort (and prayers), I was able to get off the freeway and pull over to a safe spot. My heart was pounding as I took huge sighs of relief. Not to be melodramatic, but I could have died.  

Later that night I hugged my two little boys just a little bit tighter; I found a few extra minutes to talk with each of my teenagers and I made sure to kiss my wife goodnight and let her know I loved her. I didn’t want to go to bed having any regrets about that day.

If we think about each day in terms of a Bucket List, hopefully we do the little things to bring happiness and peace to others. That might come in many forms: spending more time with family, reaching out to a friend in need, calling parents on the phone to see how they’re doing, smiling at co-workers as we walk around the office and maybe that even means being kinder to complete strangers. Yup, even that guy who cut you off on the freeway… because you never know what he’s going through at that exact moment


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One thought on “A Daily Bucket List

  1. Yes! That is exactly what I’m doing! I’m starting to ask myself… What would it take me to be ready to die? Not in a morbid way but in a… It will happen some day so we better get moving kind of way! Can’t wait to hear your list!

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