Stop Stalling, Start Going!

Push GoThe 1972 children’s book by Dr Seuss called Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! starts with “The time has come, the time is now, just go go go, I don’t care how.”

Go! – That’s the word I’ve selected for 2014.

Like most people last year was filled with positive memories and memorable challenges. An aura of stagnation seemed to blanket the year though. Too often 2013 had a sentiment of waiting, like treading water. Don’t get me wrong, last year was a good year, but it could have been a great year. It should have been a great year.

So Why Go!?

Here’s what sparked the decision:

The Stop Light

A few weeks ago I was sitting at a stop light on a Saturday morning; the Saturday before Christmas in fact. I had errands to run and a list of things to accomplish. I knew exactly what I needed to do as time was running out before Christmas.  

After waiting a few minutes the light turned green. I shifted into first gear and slowly nudged my car forward expecting the single car ahead of me to start moving. It did not. My car rolled closer and closer, but the other car didn’t move. I began feeling slightly irritated as I noticed the distracted driver was talking on a cell phone and obviously not paying attention. Even though he had a green light and the road ahead of him was free and clear, he didn’t move. My patience was quickly running out. I inched forward a bit more; still no movement. Finally I shouted “Go!” After what seemed like minutes, but was probably only seconds, he looked up apparently realizing the light was green and finally started moving.

The 2013 Bucket List  

This will be my third year creating an annual Bucket List. As I reviewed last year’s list I was disappointed by several items I didn’t achieve; small things that should have been easy to do.  

For example, I can’t remember the last time I flew a kite with my kids; something so simple. I recall several days were the weather was warm and the winds sufficient to fly a kite, but we didn’t take advantage of the ideal climate because I never bought a kite. A small kite only costs a few bucks, but I missed out on sharing this experience with my children because I didn’t go buy one.  

Example 2, my wife grew up riding horses. She loves it. For a couple years now she’s been dying to go horseback riding. Coincidentally I have a cousin who lives only an hour away and owns horses. Several times throughout the year I thought about calling him. I never did. I thought about it, but I didn’t go do it. 

·         I should have bought a kite.

·         I should have called my cousin.

Yes, my summary word for last year is probably should.

What does Go! mean?

1.      Go! represents advancement. I wanted the car at the stop light to go – to move forward so I could continue moving toward my goals that day. I want this year to be a year of progression, of going places and accomplishing things.  

2.      Go! represents action. It takes intentions and creates a conscious action that propels or perpetuates the desired advancement. Last year’s thinking was “I should call my cousin”. This year I want to actually go call him. Whenever I think should, I will replace it with Go! – Go and Do!

Everyone wants to feel like they’re going places. Go! evokes excitement. Stop talking about what you could be doing and go do it. Go to the gym. Go write a blog post. Go build success. Take action, make things happen and have a blast doing it.

Now, I’m not talking about monumental life altering changes. There are no plans to uproot my family and move to a foreign country. This isn’t about creating shocking alterations like painting my office green with flashing strobes lights.

Go! is a conscious decision, a subtitle resolution and a deep rooted determination.

Go! starts now

This requires immediate, practical application. One unfulfilled item from my 2013 Bucket List was to register a domain name to for personal branding development. I had over 500,000 minutes last year and never did it. I took 10 minutes this week and did it – is now registered; it will be used as the URL for my WordPress blog shortly.  

Oh, and I also called my cousin and left a voicemail about going horseback riding this spring. I thought it best to get the wheels in motion there too.


May 2014 be a year where we all can go enjoy success, go spend more time with loved ones and go live life to the fullest!

What’s your word(s) or theme for 2014?

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