5 Areas for Spring Cleaning

A Young Men Sit On The In The Park Using A LaptopSpring has officially started. The frigid mornings, gloomy skies and treacherously icy roads are a thing of the past (hopefully). Along with the end of winter and the commencement of spring, comes spring cleaning, a time to thoroughly clean the house. Spring cleaning requires a little time and work, but the results are refreshing.
Busy working professionals spend a lot of time away from home, time in the car commuting, time spent at the office, and time delving through the digital world. With that in mind, some consideration should be given to other areas where a deep cleaning is order.

5 Areas for Spring Cleaning:

  1. Apps – Whether on your smartphone or tablet (or both) you’ve inevitably downloaded a fair amount of apps over the past year; many of which sit collecting virtual dust. Don’t hesitate to delete unused apps freeing up precious memory on your device. Less frequently used apps can be combined into a single folder allowing easy accessibility without the ongoing distraction.
  2. Social Media – It’s an excellent time to spruce up your Twitter or LinkedIn profiles. Social Media profiles are often seen far more than your business card. A new headshot, background image and header might be in order especially if you haven’t updated these in over a year. Here’s a great article by Shannon Maguire on cleaning up LinkedIn.
  3. Desk or Office – Countless hours are clocked at work. That means a lot of time sitting at your desk. File away (or shred) the tower of papers, trash the horde randomly scribbled on sticky notes, and dust around your monitor. It might even be time to get a plant or poster (work appropriate) to add some color and life to your office. Maybe get crazy and update your family pictures (since your kid’s 15 now, not 5). A clean workspace with increase your work image while aiding both productivity and creativity.
  4. Desktop – Similar to the apps on your phone your computer monitor may have fallen into disarray with icons, folders, and documents cluttering the screen. Currently I count 41 such icons on my desktop. More than half of these need to be deleted, archived or filed away.
  5. Car – When not at work and not at home you probably spend a lot of time in your car – commuting, going out to lunch, and driving to appointments. Give your car a good detailing. Cleaning the carpets and upholstery, and applying a fresh coat of Armor All to the dash will make your commute more enjoyable and reduce a tendency for road rage.

Spending just 15-20 minutes cleaning each of these areas will not only keep you organized but help maintain a professional demeanor. Plus when the late season snow storm hits (as it often does at least here in Utah) at least the rest of your life will feel clean and springy.

Think of other areas of life that need a good Spring Cleaning? Comment below.


Image courtesy of Photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net