New Favorite App


More than 1.2 million mobile applications exist on the Android market. Over 1 million on the App store. (According to one stat I read) That’s astounding!

In this article I will include a detailed review of every application on both platforms. Okay, not really.

For the time being, let’s begin by reviewing a single app.

One of my favorite apps is Evernote. I use it for note taking, jotting down random thoughts and concepts had throughout the day and tagging articles I read online for future reference. As much as I find Evernote beneficial, it’s not the best resource for creating to-do lists.

Now, I’m not an obsessive list keeper, however to-do lists are quite practical. In my quest to find the perfect to-do list app I perused multiple app review articles before finally selecting Wunderlist. It has quickly become one of my favorite and most frequently used apps.

What I love Wunderlist and why:

  • It’s free. This one seems pretty self explanatory.
  • Both Android and iPad. There’s nothing wrong with being both an Android and Apple guy. In fact, it’s a great marriage. I’m a huge fan of my Samsung Galaxy 4 smart phone and also enjoy firing up the iPad when I arrive home. Wunderlist is available for both platforms (and syncs nicely).
  • To-Do lists. I was seeking out a tool for creating and managing to-do lists. That’s us of Wunderlist. It’s doesn’t attempt to be something it’s not.
  • Categories. Life is a balance between family and career, plus personal and professional development. Not to mention the occasional requisite grocery list, books I plan to read and movies I want to watch. Custom categories help me sort lists for all areas of my life.
  • Sub-tasks. Rarely is a to-do item a one-step process. Wunderlist allows me to create sub-tasks under the main item. This way I know each of the next steps towards total task completion. Otherwise daunting tasks become straightforward when breaking down to a series of small manageable tasks.

The Wunderlist app has far more capabilities that I’ve yet to unlock and utilize, but I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a way to generate and track progress on your to-do lists.

Are you using Wunderlist or have a to-do list app you think is better? Let me know, I’d love to learn more about other options.

Got a preferred new app you recently downloaded? Share your experience by commenting below.




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