Don’t Blow Away the Competition

explosion_001Today I got a random email stating:

I can help your company blow away the competition and get more customers. If you want a free sample, email or call me…

I literally laughed out loud when I read it.

If I order a free sample I’m expecting an army tank or rocket launcher to be delivered to the office. “Blow my competition away”, seriously? Maybe they sell super high-powered office fans – at least that would be relevant to their email language.

It’s quite embarrassing to the guy who added his name to email signature.

My takeaways from the email:

  1. Think before sending emails filled with cartoon language and overinflated promises.
  2. Never respond to lame emails, it only encourages people further.

A bit of humor and a good laugh was the perfect start to my day, so I thank the email sender for that.

Enjoy the journey!


Doug Jentzsch


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