5 Productive Tips

5_small__7310883864Today’s business environment is a continuous flow of high stress and high demands. Working professionals are constantly bombarded with new tasks, assignments, projects, and deadlines.

Staying busy is easy, staying productive is a challenge.

Here are 5 Tips to help you be more Productive Right Now!

  1. Stop reading articles about productivity and start doing something. Anything! Seriously, stop reading this article and go get something accomplished. Pick one thing you need to get done today and do it. Don’t stop to check email, don’t pay attention to app notifications, LinkedIn request, or Facebook messages, focus on the task at hand and give it 100% of your time and attention for at least 90 minutes. Ready… Go!
  2. Reread Tip #1 because obviously it didn’t sink in.
  3. Really, you’re still reading this!?
  4. I’m completely baffled that you’ve arrived at Tip #4. This shows a total disregard for Tip #1. Yes, this article could have just said “1 Tip to Productivity” but nobody reads an article with just a single tip. Nonetheless, the list really only has 1 tip, 2-5 are meaningless.
  5. And yet, you read on. My only conclusion is that your productivity is at such a high level that you’ve accomplished all you wanted to today and now are merely reading articles in search of a tidbit of wisdom or perhaps and splash of humor to brighten your day. In that case, hopefully these tips provided a dash of both.

That’s it. There is no more value in continuing to read this article. In fact, I’ve got a massive list of things to accomplish today as I’ve exhausted my knowledge of productivity. Therefore I will stop writing about working and actually get back to work. Oh, that would have been a good Tip #2 “Stop writing about Productivity and Start Doing”. Wish I’d have thought of that ten minutes ago.


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