Farewell Access

After 10 years I’ve decided to leave Access Development to pursue a new opportunity. I’m extremely excited to begin this next chapter of my life.

As I looked back on the decade of experiences I’ve had with Access my first thought was “Wow, 10 years is a long time.”

My second thought was “Dang, 10 years goes by fast.”

I’ve learned a lot here. At the beginning of the year I wrote about 5 Things I Learned from my Access co-workers.

Looking back, what I feel more than anything is a sense of gratitude. Grateful for the relationships I’ve developed, friendships I’ve formed, experiences I’ve had that helped me learn and grow both personally and professionally; thankful for the successes and appreciative of the struggles.

I will miss the Access family and wish them all the best.



One thought on “Farewell Access

  1. Wow! That’s a big, bold move! I just celebrated 19 years here at Associated Food Stores (22 if you count the three years before my mission as well) and I can’t imagine the challenge it would be to take such a step. Best of luck in your new endeavors… whatever they may be. We need to do lunch again one of these days and you can fill me in on the details.

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