Ripped Jeans, Productions Lines and Sushi

sushiIYou may be asking what these three things have in common. The answer is nothing – nothing at all. There is no correlation between them. So why did I name this blog accordingly? Well, life throws things at you that are unexpected.

A few weeks ago my morning started with a conference call on my cell phone. During the call I began walking around the building to get my blood flowing. At one point I unconsciously began to sit down on a box in the warehouse when… RIP. My jeans split, right in the crotch. Not good! Here I was, new to the job and now I’m gonna be known as ripped-pants guy. Ughhh! I assessed that the rip wasn’t TOO noticeable. I’d try to stay seated at my desk and walk around as little as possible.

An hour later I got a call requesting help in the production warehouse. A huge project required all-hands-on-deck to help out on the production line. “Me? On the production line? But I’m a marketing guy!” I thought. Nonetheless, I’ve always tried to be the kind of person willing to do whatever, wherever to help out. So I headed to the line started to marking displays and drilling holes. Oh yeah, power tools! Took about 30 minutes to get the gist of things, but once in a groove we were off to the races making 400+ displays.

Just before taking a break for lunch, I got a call from a friend from Brazil who was in the States visiting. Spur of the moment we decided to meet for lunch at a local sushi restaurant. Mmm gotta love sushi. We had a great lunch and caught up on old times, plus had some amazing sushi and lots of it.

Then back to the office for more production line work until the end of the work day. I even survived without anyone noticing I’d ripped my jeans – or at least everyone was nice enough to not laugh in my face about it.

None of what happened that day was planned or expected. If ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’ then that was one spicy day. I laughed to myself as I drove home. See, driving into work I mentally planned what would happen and what needed to be accomplished. The day was nothing like I thought it would be. Life rarely is.