2015 Bucketlist Review

2015 Bucketlist ReviewHere’s the summary of my 2015 Bucketlist.

  • Completed 16 of 35
  • Made progress on 5 more
  • Achieved 2 Lifetime Bucketlist items

Overall I did okay, but quite far from all of my original goals. I attribute this to a lack of planning and organizing my time and resources. 2015 was one of my most aggressive annual Bucket lists since starting this custom a few years back. The point isn’t to beat myself up over it – it’s meant to be fun. It’s about adding variety, enjoyment, diversity, richness and accomplishments to my life and those who share it with me.

The 2 Lifelong Bucketlist items were both were amazing experiences.

  1. The first was to attend a live soccer match of Brazilian National Soccer Team (A Seleção). In September I was in Boston for a marketing conference. Brazil played the U.S. in a friendly match. I was lucky enough to attend the game. Although the US struggled, Brazil played splendidly winning the match 4-1.
  2. The second is that I have a few countries to visit on my lifetime list, one of those being Italy. In October I was unexpectedly invited to attend a trade show in Milan, Italy. It was a whirlwind trip, but totally worth it. I worked a lot while there, ate tons of gelato and even got in a little sightseeing.

Over the next few days I’ll finalize and publish my list for 2016.

Happy New Years! Here’s to an Awesome 2016!