Right Company vs. Right Job

ID-10012988Starting a new job is always exciting and often has some anxiety associated with it. Having starting a new job last month I can attest to that.

In general, people accept a new job hoping it will be better than their last job – based on some number of factors.

Articles for job satisfaction evaluation are spread all across the internet. While there are some universal truths, like people want to be treated fairly and work in a humane work environment, many factors for defining job satisfaction vastly differ from person to person.

To overly simply it, job satisfaction is essentially a balance between working at the right company and working in the right job. Here are some factors that impact each category.

Right Company

  • Culture
  • Work environment
  • Industry
  • Office location
  • Companywide benefits (Ex. health insurance, PTO)

Right Job

  • Type of working being performed
  • Job role / title
  • Compensation
  • Hours worked
  • Supervisor/Management you report to

The ideal situation is to be in the right job while working at the right company. If you had to choose – which is more important to you? (Company or Job)

Another way of defining this is to weigh these two options. For example, 60% right company and 40% right job. Saying you couldn’t choose 50/50 (because that’s too easy).

So, if you had to choose which would you say is most important to YOU?

Or, what percentage would YOU give each factor?


I’d love to hear your feedback!




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