4 Ways to Make Work a Little Easier

Implementing a few simple practices will make your work life run a little smoother:

Start the day in your Calendar

  • Whether using Outlook, Google Calendar or something else, start each morning by seeing what commitments you have that day. The, schedule time for specifics tasks or projects that require your attention. Do not start in your email inbox. It will suck you in like the lighting quicksand in the Fire Swamp.

When sending a meeting invite include the purpose for the meeting in the request

  • It’s annoying to get a meeting request and have no idea why the meeting is taking place. Even better, include an agenda. Alert attendees that an agenda has been include by adding [A] in the subject line. Attendees will appreciate having an understanding of the meeting, and your meeting will run more effectively.

Change Subject Lines where relevant

  • Email communication is great, but can become a maze of confusion very quickly. As an email chain switches directions, update the subject line to ensure it’s relevant to the most recent topics being discussed. The Subject Line field is editable for a reason.

That gray, rectangular, boxy object on your desk, it’s called a phone – use it 

  • Again, email is great; so are project management programs like Asana, JIRA and Basecamp. Often the quickest way to communicate is still verbally (mind blown)! So just pick up the phone and speaking directly. The power of spoken language is amazing.

Got any other best practices or quick tips? Please share.




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