24 Things I’m Grateful For

gratitude-iiiExpressing thanks and showing gratitude should be a year round attribute that we exhibit. This week is just an additional opportunity to articulate our thankfulness.

In that spirit I share a small sample of what I’m grateful for:

  1. An amazing wife who has makes me a better person
  2. Two high school teenagers that keep me well grounded
  3. Two Elementary school age kids that keeping me imagining and dreaming
  4. A mother who always believed in me, and who is dearly missed
  5. Siblings who drive me crazy and I love them for it
  6. Cousins who have always treated me like a brother
  7. The Brazilian side of our family who treats me like a native and not just a gringo
  8. Strong beliefs and values that give me hope and knowledge of what’s truly important
  9. Good friends – one who pushes me to be stronger, one who helps me dream of new opportunities, and one who keeps me humble by destroying me in racquetball each week
  10. A job where I both excel and am challenged daily
  11. Physical and mental health – minus a few aches and pains
  12. Ibuprofen for those occasional aches and pains
  13. Contact lenses – without which life would be a blurry
  14. Advances in food science that make Whey Protein that actually tastes good
  15. An only 25-minute commute – albeit 40 minutes to get home due to rush hour traffic
  16. The view from my office window – spectacular!
  17. Travel – that has enriched my life and given me a glimpse of the diversity and beauty this world has to offer
  18. Spikeball – it’s like volleyball for those of us under 6 feet tall
  19. Rockstar® lemonade – Only 20 calories with no carbonation. Just the boost I need some days
  20. Chocolate – alright this isn’t for me, it makes my wife happy. And that makes us all happy
  21. 2-ply toilet paper.
  22. Technology that makes life simpler… and sometimes more complicated
  23. The Wasatch Mountains that provide a picturesque backdrop to where I work and live
  24. A good night’s sleep – invaluable!

“Gratitude and attitude are not challenges; they are choices.” – Robert Braathe



True stories, truly connect us

Came across this quote while looking back at notes I made from Hubspot’s Inbound 2015 conference. Couldn’t find the source to reference which session or author used it in their presentation.

True stories move us – and motivate us to take action.

Simple, yet profound. Connecting with our audience through storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing concepts we should be implementing more effectively in 2017.

How are you using storytelling to connect?


So What. Now What?

so-what-now-whatDriving into work last week I heard this quote from one of the local college football coaches.

So What. Now What?

Seems like a fitting phrase for many aspects of life – personal, professional, political. Life throws us curve balls (yes, I switched sports analogies). Things don’t always go as planned. More accurately, things rarely go as planned.

It’s not what happened (whether recent or past). It’s about what we do next that will determine our success.

Easy to say. Not always easy to do.

The past can only hold you back if you’re still clinging to it.

5 Steps to Starting Your Marketing Plan

Started your 2017 Marketing Plan?

Did you even have a 2016 Marketing Plan? Did you follow it?

I’ve worked for start-up companies, mid-size businesses, and large companies with hundreds of employees. It is shocking how different each company approaches building a marketing plan. There’s always a lot of discussion around how and where to get started for developing a new plan.

Here are 5 steps to get started:

  1. Review what happened in 2016 (1 hr. 30 minutes)
    1. What worked?
    2. What didn’t work?
  2. Segment your 2016 Marketing Plan into two buckets (30 minutes)
    1. What should I keep? (do again)
    2. What needs to be scrapped?
  3. Determine “What else” (2 hrs.)
    1. What should be added for 2017?
  4. Let it sit for 48 hours
    1. Let it simmer – more ideas will come to mind
  5. Evaluate the new plan and answer the following questions: (1 hr.)
    1. If we accomplish this what will be the outcome or result?
    2. If we don’t accomplish this what will be the consequence?

Very simple, very basic – but it’s a structure that will give some direction. The goal is to come up with a general outline for your 2017 Marketing Plan.

This outline can be shared with other departments and the management team. Remember, you’re showing them the picture of the forest, don’t try to paint every tree yet at this point.

After you get initial buy-in, further develop the specific strategies, initiatives, and campaigns.

This may seem overly simplistic, but for many businesses getting started doesn’t need ot be more complicated than this.