24 Things I’m Grateful For

gratitude-iiiExpressing thanks and showing gratitude should be a year round attribute that we exhibit. This week is just an additional opportunity to articulate our thankfulness.

In that spirit I share a small sample of what I’m grateful for:

  1. An amazing wife who has makes me a better person
  2. Two high school teenagers that keep me well grounded
  3. Two Elementary school age kids that keeping me imagining and dreaming
  4. A mother who always believed in me, and who is dearly missed
  5. Siblings who drive me crazy and I love them for it
  6. Cousins who have always treated me like a brother
  7. The Brazilian side of our family who treats me like a native and not just a gringo
  8. Strong beliefs and values that give me hope and knowledge of what’s truly important
  9. Good friends – one who pushes me to be stronger, one who helps me dream of new opportunities, and one who keeps me humble by destroying me in racquetball each week
  10. A job where I both excel and am challenged daily
  11. Physical and mental health – minus a few aches and pains
  12. Ibuprofen for those occasional aches and pains
  13. Contact lenses – without which life would be a blurry
  14. Advances in food science that make Whey Protein that actually tastes good
  15. An only 25-minute commute – albeit 40 minutes to get home due to rush hour traffic
  16. The view from my office window – spectacular!
  17. Travel – that has enriched my life and given me a glimpse of the diversity and beauty this world has to offer
  18. Spikeball – it’s like volleyball for those of us under 6 feet tall
  19. Rockstar® lemonade – Only 20 calories with no carbonation. Just the boost I need some days
  20. Chocolate – alright this isn’t for me, it makes my wife happy. And that makes us all happy
  21. 2-ply toilet paper.
  22. Technology that makes life simpler… and sometimes more complicated
  23. The Wasatch Mountains that provide a picturesque backdrop to where I work and live
  24. A good night’s sleep – invaluable!

“Gratitude and attitude are not challenges; they are choices.” – Robert Braathe



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