3 Holiday Work Traditions that Should Go Away

holiday-work-go-awayThe holiday season is full of fun and exciting traditions. I truly love family traditions at Christmas time.

Holiday traditions at work… that’s a different story.

Call me a Grinch, but here are 3 all-too-common work traditions that should simply go away!

  1. Ugly Sweater Contest
    • I’ll never forget one year when an older woman in the office received the prize for the Ugliest Sweater Contest. To the horror of HR, they learned she was unaware of the contest – that was simply the sweater she wore to work that day.
  2. Pajama Day
    • Do I really need to explain!?
    • It’s hard to take a grown man serious after you’ve seen him in a full-size one-piece pajama with footies.
    • Not to mention the individual who shows up in scantily clad PJs that borders on lingerie.
  3. Gifts to Coworkers
    • Gifts are a kind gesture. When gifts and treats start to pile up however, anxiety builds and peer pressure to give quickly spews through the office. And what if you forget to give something to every single person… heaven forbid!
    • If your team feels inclined to share holiday joy, consider a treat table where anyone can place a plate of goodies to share. It doesn’t require everyone to participate, nor add worries about exclusions.

Holiday parties, team lunches, and decorating cubicles and office – I’m fine with those things. Just keep it professional and don’t create added anxiety to what can already be a stressful time of year.

Do you disagree? What about any other holiday work traditions that you think should be abolished?



2 thoughts on “3 Holiday Work Traditions that Should Go Away

  1. I LOVE mandatory Christmas treats—especially if you’re new to your office and learn about the tradition at the last minute. Extra holiday stress is always a bonus!

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