The Enemy of Good

enemy-of-goodMany of my favorite movies involve epic battles between good and evil. I enjoy cheering for the good guys and relish seeing the bad guys fail. After all, evil or bad is the enemy of good.

In a recent meeting, I learned that “Good” has a more sinister nemesis. I was presenting on a project that took more than four months to complete, twice as long as projected. A colleague of mine asked why the project had taken so long. He said a month earlier he’d seen the project and thought it was completed. I explained that while it was quite good at that time, several individuals gave feedback on multiple ways to make it better; resulting in the delay.

“Ah yes, always making things better” he commented.

Better is the enemy of Good,” he said.

It got me thinking “Were the changes worth the delay?”. Even more troubling “Was it even better, or was it just different?”

I believe in continual improvement. However, this colleague brought up a good point:

How often do we get bogged down trying to make it better, when in fact, we’re just hindering results without truly knowing what improvements to make?

In 2017 let’s do good work! Let’s generate good results. Then let’s make smart changes to drive greater results!


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