2017 Bucket List


My theme for 2017 is Fitness, Fun, & Family. Not necessarily in that order.

  1. Track my workout routine for 60 days
  2. Complete three 100 Pushup Challenges
    • 100 pushups in 24 hours
    • 100 pushups in 5 minutes
    • 100 straight pushups
  3. Bench Press 225 lbs.
  4. No soda for 60 days
  5. Family trip to Hawaii
  6. Attend Las Vegas 7’s Rugby Tournament
  7. Go skiing or snowboarding
  8. Go golfing
  9. Go clay pigeon shotgun shooting
  10. Go stand-up paddle boarding
  11. Go camping with the family
  12. Go snorkeling
  13. Hike Timpanogos Cave
  14. Attend a cultural festival
  15. Coach a youth sports team
  16. Visit an Aquarium
    • Feed penguins
  17. Attend a professional work conference
  18. Attend a trade show
  19. “Read” 8 books
  20. Start a Travel site
    • Reach 100 followers
  21. Write 30 articles / posts
  22. Reach 1,000 Twitter followers
  23. Reach 300 Instagram followers
  24. Spend 1v1 time with each kid, each quarter
  25. Go on a weekly date with Melissa
  26. Take a trip with Melissa
  27. Go on a mini-getaway with Melissa
  28. Visit somewhere new
  29. Help Melissa compete in a triathlon
  30. Help someone achieve their goal or Bucket List item
  31. Attend a play, musical, or concert
  32. Attend a Real Salt Lake soccer game
  33. Attend BYU football games
  34. Visit each of my siblings:
    • Brother in Northern Utah
    • Brother in Southern Utah
    • Sisters in Arizona
  35. Try 12 foods from different cultures:
    • American BBQ
    • Brazilian Churrascaria
    • Chinese
    • El Salvadorian pupusas
    • Food Truck!
    • Greek
    • Indian
    • Sushi / Japanese
    • Thai
    • Italian (non-chain restaurant)
    • Vietnamese
    • Something else?
  36. Do something spontaneous
  37. Go to bed earlier to get more sleep

Bonus Item: Take a trip to Brazil


2015 Bucketlist Review

2015 Bucketlist ReviewHere’s the summary of my 2015 Bucketlist.

  • Completed 16 of 35
  • Made progress on 5 more
  • Achieved 2 Lifetime Bucketlist items

Overall I did okay, but quite far from all of my original goals. I attribute this to a lack of planning and organizing my time and resources. 2015 was one of my most aggressive annual Bucket lists since starting this custom a few years back. The point isn’t to beat myself up over it – it’s meant to be fun. It’s about adding variety, enjoyment, diversity, richness and accomplishments to my life and those who share it with me.

The 2 Lifelong Bucketlist items were both were amazing experiences.

  1. The first was to attend a live soccer match of Brazilian National Soccer Team (A Seleção). In September I was in Boston for a marketing conference. Brazil played the U.S. in a friendly match. I was lucky enough to attend the game. Although the US struggled, Brazil played splendidly winning the match 4-1.
  2. The second is that I have a few countries to visit on my lifetime list, one of those being Italy. In October I was unexpectedly invited to attend a trade show in Milan, Italy. It was a whirlwind trip, but totally worth it. I worked a lot while there, ate tons of gelato and even got in a little sightseeing.

Over the next few days I’ll finalize and publish my list for 2016.

Happy New Years! Here’s to an Awesome 2016!

Markers are Mightier than Money

markersEnglish Author Edward Bulwer-Lytton apparently coined the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword.” A replica version of the sword Excalibur sits on a stand in my office, a gift from my team, but motivating people with cold, hard steel is not really effective in the workplace. Believe me, I’ve tried. In today’s highly competitive business environment it’s not about words (the pen) or force (the sword) but money that is generally known to be highly motivating. Everyone on my team has goals and objectives to work towards and financial incentives for achieving them. Money is a nice incentive, but I’ve noticed something else is a far better motivator.

Just outside my small office a large whiteboard hangs from the wall used to track team results and personal contributions. A slew of markers are in place for individuals to chalk up their daily or weekly contributions. Within seconds anyone walking by can see who the top performers are (and who is struggling) – a simple, but very visible leader board.

No one sees your paycheck or bonuses, but everyone sees you stand up, walk over to the whiteboard and chalking up your results. This simply act provides a subtle rush of emotion – accomplishment, pride, success. The rest of the team takes note and renewed determination kicks in. It’s fascinating to watch.

Over the years it’s become quite clear that the act of marking down your successes is far more powerful than any financial incentive. No one is saying that if the markers go dry total mutiny would occur, but probably something not far off. People like being praised and recognized. Visible demonstration of achievements and physical proof that everyone can see is mightier and more motivating than money.