2017 Bucket List


My theme for 2017 is Fitness, Fun, & Family. Not necessarily in that order.

  1. Track my workout routine for 60 days
  2. Complete three 100 Pushup Challenges
    • 100 pushups in 24 hours
    • 100 pushups in 5 minutes
    • 100 straight pushups
  3. Bench Press 225 lbs.
  4. No soda for 60 days
  5. Family trip to Hawaii
  6. Attend Las Vegas 7’s Rugby Tournament
  7. Go skiing or snowboarding
  8. Go golfing
  9. Go clay pigeon shotgun shooting
  10. Go stand-up paddle boarding
  11. Go camping with the family
  12. Go snorkeling
  13. Hike Timpanogos Cave
  14. Attend a cultural festival
  15. Coach a youth sports team
  16. Visit an Aquarium
    • Feed penguins
  17. Attend a professional work conference
  18. Attend a trade show
  19. “Read” 8 books
  20. Start a Travel site
    • Reach 100 followers
  21. Write 30 articles / posts
  22. Reach 1,000 Twitter followers
  23. Reach 300 Instagram followers
  24. Spend 1v1 time with each kid, each quarter
  25. Go on a weekly date with Melissa
  26. Take a trip with Melissa
  27. Go on a mini-getaway with Melissa
  28. Visit somewhere new
  29. Help Melissa compete in a triathlon
  30. Help someone achieve their goal or Bucket List item
  31. Attend a play, musical, or concert
  32. Attend a Real Salt Lake soccer game
  33. Attend BYU football games
  34. Visit each of my siblings:
    • Brother in Northern Utah
    • Brother in Southern Utah
    • Sisters in Arizona
  35. Try 12 foods from different cultures:
    • American BBQ
    • Brazilian Churrascaria
    • Chinese
    • El Salvadorian pupusas
    • Food Truck!
    • Greek
    • Indian
    • Sushi / Japanese
    • Thai
    • Italian (non-chain restaurant)
    • Vietnamese
    • Something else?
  36. Do something spontaneous
  37. Go to bed earlier to get more sleep

Bonus Item: Take a trip to Brazil


24 Things I’m Grateful For

gratitude-iiiExpressing thanks and showing gratitude should be a year round attribute that we exhibit. This week is just an additional opportunity to articulate our thankfulness.

In that spirit I share a small sample of what I’m grateful for:

  1. An amazing wife who has makes me a better person
  2. Two high school teenagers that keep me well grounded
  3. Two Elementary school age kids that keeping me imagining and dreaming
  4. A mother who always believed in me, and who is dearly missed
  5. Siblings who drive me crazy and I love them for it
  6. Cousins who have always treated me like a brother
  7. The Brazilian side of our family who treats me like a native and not just a gringo
  8. Strong beliefs and values that give me hope and knowledge of what’s truly important
  9. Good friends – one who pushes me to be stronger, one who helps me dream of new opportunities, and one who keeps me humble by destroying me in racquetball each week
  10. A job where I both excel and am challenged daily
  11. Physical and mental health – minus a few aches and pains
  12. Ibuprofen for those occasional aches and pains
  13. Contact lenses – without which life would be a blurry
  14. Advances in food science that make Whey Protein that actually tastes good
  15. An only 25-minute commute – albeit 40 minutes to get home due to rush hour traffic
  16. The view from my office window – spectacular!
  17. Travel – that has enriched my life and given me a glimpse of the diversity and beauty this world has to offer
  18. Spikeball – it’s like volleyball for those of us under 6 feet tall
  19. Rockstar® lemonade – Only 20 calories with no carbonation. Just the boost I need some days
  20. Chocolate – alright this isn’t for me, it makes my wife happy. And that makes us all happy
  21. 2-ply toilet paper.
  22. Technology that makes life simpler… and sometimes more complicated
  23. The Wasatch Mountains that provide a picturesque backdrop to where I work and live
  24. A good night’s sleep – invaluable!

“Gratitude and attitude are not challenges; they are choices.” – Robert Braathe


Learning from being a Dad

ID-100218845Being a Dad is the most challenging and gratifying part of my life. It’s a role that requires me to constantly be learning and improving. The lessons learned as a father directly impact many other areas of my life, including being a more effective leader.

As a Dad…

You adapt to different personalities

No two kids are alike. In fact, all four of my kids are unique in their likes, desires, motivations, stresses, hobbies, and more. To be effective I have to adapt in the way I interact, encourage and occasionally chastise. A strong correlation exists between my ability to adapt to each personality and how well we connect with each other.

You make the best with what you have

Almost all Dads deal with limited means – time, money and resources. Waiting until there is a surplus of these things simply isn’t an option. So you get creative, become innovative, develop patience and just find ways to make it work.

You invest in the people

Giving my kids attention is far more valuable to them than giving them money – although my two teenagers may argue this point. In the end it’s not the house, the car, or the yard that matter. It’s the people. When you invest in people, relationships flourish, expectations are exceeded and individuals accomplish far more than you ever expected.

You have to laugh

A sense of humor might be one of the single most important characteristics a Dad can have. If you’re not careful the seriousness, stresses and pressures of life will weigh you down. Sometimes you just have to laugh it off.

You laugh to lighten the mood.

You make others laugh to brighten their day.

Sometimes you laugh to keep from crying.


Here’s the my amazing family!

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What We Do – the Why Behind the What

Christmas ornamentAfter working 2,000+ hours this year, it’s finally time to enjoy a few days off for the holidays. Yeah, that’s a lot of hours worked. That doesn’t take into account time commuting to and from the office, the countless overtime hours, or the sleepless nights consumed by thoughts of work projects, challenges and opportunities.

The hard work, long hours, stresses and successes are worth it, if focused on the reason we work in the first place; the driving force that gets us out of bed each morning and fuels us throughout the day. It’s why we do, what we do… it’s about people! First and foremost this is our family and loved ones, then hopefully our customers and our coworkers. These are the people whose lives we can enrich through our daily efforts.

May your holidays we full of love, warmth and happiness.

May 2015 be filled with prosperity and success.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

– DJ


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A Daily Bucket List

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe past couple of years I’ve created an annual Bucket list, writing down things I’d like to do and accomplish throughout the year. In the next few days I’ll post my 2014 list. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles this was inspirited by Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications. The idea of an annual Bucket List is to accomplish goals each and every year, not leaving everything until the end of your life. In general, a Bucket List is about achieving things before you die so you don’t have any regrets.

Speaking of dying, earlier this week I was driving down the freeway in a typical mid-winter, white-knuckled Utah snowstorm. The hazy fog and icy roads made for treacherous driving conditions. Suddenly without any apparent cause my contact lens slid from the center to the corner of my eye. This created excruciating pain causing my eyes to water, greatly hindering my vision. I could barely see as I attempted to squint through stinging tears and desperately worked to avoid an accident that could result in serious injury to me and others. Finally, and with no small amount of effort (and prayers), I was able to get off the freeway and pull over to a safe spot. My heart was pounding as I took huge sighs of relief. Not to be melodramatic, but I could have died.  

Later that night I hugged my two little boys just a little bit tighter; I found a few extra minutes to talk with each of my teenagers and I made sure to kiss my wife goodnight and let her know I loved her. I didn’t want to go to bed having any regrets about that day.

If we think about each day in terms of a Bucket List, hopefully we do the little things to bring happiness and peace to others. That might come in many forms: spending more time with family, reaching out to a friend in need, calling parents on the phone to see how they’re doing, smiling at co-workers as we walk around the office and maybe that even means being kinder to complete strangers. Yup, even that guy who cut you off on the freeway… because you never know what he’s going through at that exact moment


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