The Daily Choices We Make

Choose joy everydayThe daily choices we make are what add up to a lifetime of true joy and happiness.

“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” – Henri Nouwen

Wishing you a successful, prosperous, and joy-filled day!





Happiness.pngHappiness is a choice. That’s a difficult concept to embrace when struggling to find it. It’s not a destination, though, but a state-of-being achievement along the journey. Some people seem to be blessed with a natural disposition for happiness. Others have to work at it. Levels of happiness ebb and flow even throughout a single day.

While psychology says we shouldn’t let other people determine our happiness, it sure seems like they can bring it down at times. Contrarily, we have the opportunity to make someone’s day. A simple act often brings more happiness than we realize – a smile, an encouraging word, a kind gesture.

I’ve recent started following Skip Prichard. I quite enjoy the topics and insights he shares. This article gives scientifically proven methods for achieving great happiness.

Skip, thanks for sharing. I hope you don’t mind me passing along this great article.

What We Do – the Why Behind the What

Christmas ornamentAfter working 2,000+ hours this year, it’s finally time to enjoy a few days off for the holidays. Yeah, that’s a lot of hours worked. That doesn’t take into account time commuting to and from the office, the countless overtime hours, or the sleepless nights consumed by thoughts of work projects, challenges and opportunities.

The hard work, long hours, stresses and successes are worth it, if focused on the reason we work in the first place; the driving force that gets us out of bed each morning and fuels us throughout the day. It’s why we do, what we do… it’s about people! First and foremost this is our family and loved ones, then hopefully our customers and our coworkers. These are the people whose lives we can enrich through our daily efforts.

May your holidays we full of love, warmth and happiness.

May 2015 be filled with prosperity and success.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

– DJ


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