Go Beyond the Checklist

Checklist IILet it be known that I’m a fan of checklists. There’s a certain excitement felt by checking off items as they’re completed.

Recently I met with several managers in the company regarding a specific project. Each of them, myself included, owned a portion of the project. One by one they told me they had completed their portion. Each person truly had checked off their assigned task.

However, the overall project wasn’t progressing.

Too much focus had been placed on the tasks – and not the overall goal of the project. Each step was being done but without a visual of what needed to be achieved.

Communication, coordination and a drive for project success (not just completion) were lacking.

Look at your to-do list this week – which tasks are achieving higher, overarching company goals?

I’m reviewing my checklist, updating my priorities, and emphasizing success that exceeds my individual tasks. We’ll see what improvements this makes over the next few weeks.


New Favorite App


More than 1.2 million mobile applications exist on the Android market. Over 1 million on the App store. (According to one stat I read) That’s astounding!

In this article I will include a detailed review of every application on both platforms. Okay, not really.

For the time being, let’s begin by reviewing a single app.

One of my favorite apps is Evernote. I use it for note taking, jotting down random thoughts and concepts had throughout the day and tagging articles I read online for future reference. As much as I find Evernote beneficial, it’s not the best resource for creating to-do lists.

Now, I’m not an obsessive list keeper, however to-do lists are quite practical. In my quest to find the perfect to-do list app I perused multiple app review articles before finally selecting Wunderlist. It has quickly become one of my favorite and most frequently used apps.

What I love Wunderlist and why:

  • It’s free. This one seems pretty self explanatory.
  • Both Android and iPad. There’s nothing wrong with being both an Android and Apple guy. In fact, it’s a great marriage. I’m a huge fan of my Samsung Galaxy 4 smart phone and also enjoy firing up the iPad when I arrive home. Wunderlist is available for both platforms (and syncs nicely).
  • To-Do lists. I was seeking out a tool for creating and managing to-do lists. That’s us of Wunderlist. It’s doesn’t attempt to be something it’s not.
  • Categories. Life is a balance between family and career, plus personal and professional development. Not to mention the occasional requisite grocery list, books I plan to read and movies I want to watch. Custom categories help me sort lists for all areas of my life.
  • Sub-tasks. Rarely is a to-do item a one-step process. Wunderlist allows me to create sub-tasks under the main item. This way I know each of the next steps towards total task completion. Otherwise daunting tasks become straightforward when breaking down to a series of small manageable tasks.

The Wunderlist app has far more capabilities that I’ve yet to unlock and utilize, but I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a way to generate and track progress on your to-do lists.

Are you using Wunderlist or have a to-do list app you think is better? Let me know, I’d love to learn more about other options.

Got a preferred new app you recently downloaded? Share your experience by commenting below.